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Freedom Tower II

Hello again folks,

This past week I went to the 9/11 Memorial again. The Tower now is at 100 stories. On my previous visit it was up to 70 stories only. The Tower is now just about as tall as the Empire State Building.
Here are a few of my favorite photos from the visit. There are a couple of photos from Elis Island and from the Statue of Liberty Ferry.
As you can see on the left of the first two photos, the Empire State Building is looking a bit small.
(Don’t forget to click on the first photo and use your arrow keys to navigate to the rest of the photos).

Hope you enjoyed my photos.
See y’all soon

A Throw & Three Pillows

Hi Folks,

I did another job for Belen Moreno (see the post below this one).
Once again she has some beautiful items for sale. This is her latest combo.

Hope you enjoyed the new photos.

See y’all soon

Fun Little Job

Hi Folks,

It’s been a while but I’ve been busy.!!! There are some more posts I need to add but for now here’s a quickie.

I recently went to Geneva Switzerland to photograph a wedding. The grooms sister has her own business and needed someone to do a couple of photos for her. I was the lucky photographer who got chosen.

If you would like to visit Belen Moreno’s cyber shop, you’ll find her items here:

Belen Moreno

Hope you enjoy these photos. Belen has some beautiful items for sale. So if you’re in the market for pillows and throws tell her I sent you.

Take care y’all

Freedom Tower

Hello Again,
Recently I had the pleasure of visiting the 9/11 Memorial. I wasn’t sure how I would react to it, but I was looking forward to it.
I’m really happy I went. I was glad it was quiet even though there were hundreds of people. As you can see there were some nice photos to be had. I was able to get some nice reflection shots which I liked since you’re supposed to be reflecting there.
(Please, don’t forget to click on the first one so you can see the whole photo. If you don’t click on them you won’t get to see the Yellow Rose. One of my favorite shots).

As you can see from the photo that says World Trade Center the Twin Towers were quite large. That was taken at the south tower footprint.

Not sure when I’ll go back. Maybe once the Freedom Tower is completed.

Take Care Y’all

Fall Foliage Shots.

Hey Folks,
Yes, I will admit these are a bit late in getting into my blog. It’s a combination of me being busy and lazy all at the same time. LOL Either way they’re here and I hope you enjoy them. This year we had some amazing colors. I had a great morning photographing in Prospect Park.
Enjoy, and, as always, click on one of them and use your arrow keys or the next arrow to navigate through them. If you see any photos you wish to own just let me know and I’ll print and ship to you ASAP.

Take care and enjoy.

Gorgeous NYC

Hi Folks,

I wanted to show you the progress of the Freedom Tower. It’s well on it’s way to the 1776 feet height.
This was very a nice warmish evening. I’ll take a similar shot in a couple of months to show you the difference in the towers height. Hopefully I won’t freeze my butt off.

Click on the photo to see the full image.

Take care folks

9/11 Lights: 10th Anniversary

Hi Folks,

On 9/11 I went over to the Brooklyn Promenade to pay my respects and see the tribute lights up close. Last year I posted a couple of photos from my rooftop. This year I wanted to get a little closer. When I got there I was surprised to see a huge crowd. On any normal night there might be 100 or so people there watching the sunset. Going for a stroll or jog. Or walking their dog. This night there was over 1,000 people. Most were taking pictures, (or trying to), some were just watching. Some were looking a little stunned. It was such a contrast to all the chaos of 10 years ago. I remember the noise was ear shattering. On this night the silence was deafening. I sort of wish I didn’t have my camera so I could just lean on the railing and look over the East River onto lower Manhattan. I didn’t get a good chance to reflect. I just kept looking for good photos that would preserve that night.
I hope I succeeded.

The last photo of the Freedom Tower is pretty cool. It’s at 76 stories tall right now. It’s going to be 1776 feet tall once it’s completed. I’ll try to post more photos of it as it gets taller.

That’s it for now
Take care y’all

After the Hurricane.

Thought I would go and see all the “devastation” around my hood. I walked over to Prospect park to get some photos for you guys.
Don’t forget to click on the first shot and use your arrow keys to keep moving to the next one.

There were a lot of leaves on the ground and small twigs. Some trees fell but not the amount that was expected, thankfully.

Till next time.

Waiting for Hurricane Irene

Hi All,

I’m just sitting here at home in NYC waiting for Hurricane Irene. So far everything is fine. Just a little rain here and there.

Hope Irene is kind to the folks she visits.

Until next time.

New B&W Section.

Hi Folks,

I’ve decided to include a specific Black & White section on my site even though I had a few B&W’s sprinkled throughout. I’ll have it up and running by the end of this week.

Black & White photography is making a huge comeback. I’ve always loved the look of old black and white photos. Lots of my fans and customers ask me for them so that’s why I decided to go ahead and make the new addition.
Let me know what you think of my B&W photography once this new page is up and running.

Take care.