Joe Irizarry is a New York based photographer.

Born and raised in the Big Apple, he knows how to move fast, grab a quick shot and get away just as quickly.

Joe is a photographer looking to capture not only a moment in time, but also a feeling that translates the emotions he had when he took the photo. Very few artists can do this 100% of the time. It could be that commercialism gets in the way or just a complacent attitude. Joe strives to capture the emotions so that people who look at his photos are struck with the clarity, saying, “Ah, I get it.”

Joe’s enthusiasm for photography started early on. His father was the family photographer and always managed to capture all the family outings and parties. Looking through his dads Yashika, Nikon, & Canon cameras, Joe would try to compose some shots of his own. This curiosity to bring out the absolute best balance of light, emotion, and opportunity, later turned into a passion to harness the natural and inquisitive beauty that surrounds us everyday.

Now, Joe is an accomplished photographer. He would love to be your photographer for whatever special event or need you have.

Please contact Joe for a price quote on any photo you wish to purchase, or to hire Joe for a photo shoot. Also, please contact him to see if he has a particular type of photo that is not shown here on the site.

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