Freedom Tower III

Posted by: on May 23, 2012

Hello again folks,
I’ve been very lucky with being able to go to the 9/11 Memorial these last few weeks. I’ve gotten some very good shots from close up.
I was also able to get some nice views of the Tower from Brooklyn. And some great views from very close up.
I’ve converted a few of these shots to B&W. As most of you know I’ve always loved B&W photos. This Tower lends itself nicely to B&W photography.

Enjoy these photos, and, as always click on the first one for a larger view and use your arrow keys to scroll through them.

Thanks for looking.
See y’all

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  1. Phyllis Benfield says:

    Joe, Thank goodness for your tours! Keeps all of us updated, esp. the ones in the middle of the country. It’s a beautiful building captured wonderfully. Someone said to me since I first visited NYC that the best views of the city scape are from NJ. Yes, it’s nice from there as I saw on the trip to Jersey City to catch the ferry. But I wouldn’t trade them for the shots of yours from Brooklyn. Love B&W as well as color, reflections, patriotism, all the qualities. Very well done!!!



  2. Joe Irizarry Joe Irizarry says:

    Hi P,

    Thanks for liking/loving my photos. I enjoy taking them. I might be posting a few more shots soon.

    x xx

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