9/11 Lights: 10th Anniversary

Posted by: on September 13, 2011

Hi Folks,

On 9/11 I went over to the Brooklyn Promenade to pay my respects and see the tribute lights up close. Last year I posted a couple of photos from my rooftop. This year I wanted to get a little closer. When I got there I was surprised to see a huge crowd. On any normal night there might be 100 or so people there watching the sunset. Going for a stroll or jog. Or walking their dog. This night there was over 1,000 people. Most were taking pictures, (or trying to), some were just watching. Some were looking a little stunned. It was such a contrast to all the chaos of 10 years ago. I remember the noise was ear shattering. On this night the silence was deafening. I sort of wish I didn’t have my camera so I could just lean on the railing and look over the East River onto lower Manhattan. I didn’t get a good chance to reflect. I just kept looking for good photos that would preserve that night.
I hope I succeeded.

The last photo of the Freedom Tower is pretty cool. It’s at 76 stories tall right now. It’s going to be 1776 feet tall once it’s completed. I’ll try to post more photos of it as it gets taller.

That’s it for now
Take care y’all

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  1. Phyllis Benfield says:

    Getting your photos in an email and also in your blog just doubles the pleasure. Here you shared some thoughts of the day and remembrances of 10 years ago. I’m glad so many others were out doing the same thing. Nice job!


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